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Polycrystallinity of Lithographically Fabricated Plasmonic Nanostructures Dominates Their Acoustic Vibrational Damping

Chongyue Yi, Man-Nung Su, Pratiksha D Dongare, Debadi Chakraborty, Yi-Yu Cai, David M Marolf, Rachael N Kress, Behnaz Ostovar, Lawrence J Tauzin, Fangfan Wen, Wei-Shun Chang, Matthew R Jones, John E Sader, Naomi J Halas, Stephan Link



The study of acoustic vibrations in nanoparticles provides unique and unparalleled insight into their mechanical properties. Electron-beam lithography of nanostructures allows precise manipulation of their acoustic vibration frequencies through control of nanoscale morphology. However, the dissipation of acoustic vibrations in this important class of nanostructures has not yet been examined. Here we report, using single-particle ultrafast transient extinction spectroscopy, the intrinsic damping dynamics in lithographically fabricated plasmonic nanostructures. We find that in stark contrast to chemically synthesized, monocrystalline nanoparticles, acoustic energy dissipation in lithographical..

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Funding Acknowledgements

N.J.H and S.L. thank the Robert A. Welch Foundation (Grants C-1220 to N.J.H. and C-1664 to S.L.) and the Air Force (MUM FA9550-15-1-0022) for financial support. S.L. acknowledges support from the National Science Foundation (ECCS-1608917). D.C. and J.E.S. acknowledge support from the Australian Research Council grants scheme and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (CE170100026). M.R.J. acknowledges the Robert A. Welch Foundation for young investigator support. We thank Dr. Anneli Joplin for help with editing the manuscript.