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Harnessing the Power of T Cells: The Promising Hope for a Universal Influenza Vaccine

E Bridie Clemens, Carolien van de Sandt, Sook San Wong, Linda M Wakim, Sophie A Valkenburg

VACCINES | MDPI | Published : 2018


Next-generation vaccines that utilize T cells could potentially overcome the limitations of current influenza vaccines that rely on antibodies to provide narrow subtype-specific protection and are prone to antigenic mismatch with circulating strains. Evidence from animal models shows that T cells can provide heterosubtypic protection and are crucial for immune control of influenza virus infections. This has provided hope for the design of a universal vaccine able to prime against diverse influenza virus strains and subtypes. However, multiple hurdles exist for the realisation of a universal T cell vaccine. Overall primary concerns are: extrapolating human clinical studies, seeding durable ef..

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