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Guaranteeing the quality and integrity of pork - An Australian case study

HA Channon, DN D'Souza, RG Jarrett, GSH Lee, RJ Watling, JYC Jolley, FR Dunshea



The Australian pork industry is strongly committed to assuring the integrity of its product, with substantial research investment made over the past ten years to develop and implement systems to assure the consistency and quality of fresh pork and to enable accurate tracing of unpackaged fresh pork back to property of origin using trace elemental profiling. These initiatives are pivotal to allow Australian pork of guaranteed eating quality to be successfully positioned as higher value products, across a range of international and domestic markets, whilst managing any threats of product substitution. This paper describes the current status of the development of a predictive eating quality mod..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by High Integrity Australian Pork Co-operative Research Centre

Awarded by Australian Pork Limited

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding provided by the High Integrity Australian Pork Co-operative Research Centre to conduct eating quality studies (projects 3A-101, 3A-103, 3A-105, 3A-106, 3A-109 and 3B-101) and funding provided by Australian Pork Limited for compilation and statistical analysis of pork eating quality data (2009-2269) and to develop and commercially implement the Physi-Trace (TM) traceability system into the Australian pork industry (2010/0001, 2010/0003, 2011/1035.436, 2013/2131, 2015/006, 2015/061, 2015/071, 2015/2210, 2015/2212, 2015/2218, 2016/2224) is acknowledged. The authors also gratefully acknowledge all producers and processors for their collaboration, co-operation and assistance in these programs, the National Measurement Institute and TSW Analytical Pty Ltd. for timely analysis of pork samples and Cameron Scadding and Dr. Chris May from TSW Analytical Pty Ltd. for their early developmental work.