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The national broadband network: What difference will it make to broadband availability in Australia?

S Süßspeck, LH Campbell, K Hinton

Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy | Published : 2018


We provide a bottom-up analysis of broadband availability in Australia without the NBN and with the NBN. For Australia without the NBN, we have assumed that broadband availability, in terms of access speed, would have continued to evolve; in particular, we have assumed that all DSL access would have been enhanced to ADSL2+. For Australia with the NBN, we concentrate on the Multi-Technology Mix version now being deployed in the fixed-line footprint. The NBN can make a difference both in terms of the geographical availability of broadband access and in the maximum access speeds provided. We consider both these aspects for the period after the current NBN has been fully deployed. Our analysis i..

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