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The binding of dehydroheliotridine to DNA and the effect of it and other compounds on repair synthesis in main and satellite band DNA.

CC Curtain, JA Edgar

Chemico-Biological Interactions | Published : 1976


This study was aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of the preferential depression of satellite DNA synthesis by dehydroheliotridine (DHH). DHH was found to induce repair synthesis to the same extent in both main and satellite band DNA in cultured sheep lymphocytes. This was also the case with acridine orange, nitrogen mustard (HN2) and ethyl methane-sulphonate (EMS). Using analytical equilibrium ultracentrifugation no difference was found between the extents of in vitro binding of DHH by main and satellite band DNA. From these results it was concluded that the depression of the synthesis of satellite DNA could not be explained by either its preferential binding of DHH or by less effective re..

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