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The distribution of immunoglobulin allotypes in rabbit populations in Australia and on Macquarie Island

CC Curtain, DH Wood, WR Sobey

Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics | Published : 1973


Wild rabbit populations from several parts of south‐eastern Australia and from Tasmania and Macquarie Island were tested for the As1, As2, As3 (a locus) and the As4, As5, As6, As9 (b locus) allotypic IgG markers. All markers except As6 were present in the Australian mainland and Tasmanian populations, and there appeared to be a significant increase in As1 frequency with decreasing rainfall. On the other hand the Macquarie Island samples were virtually all homozygous As1 at the a locus and lacked As6 and As9 at the b locus. These results are discussed against the background of the known history of the introduction of the rabbit into the areas studied. It was felt that ‘founder effect’ could a..

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