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Allotypes of serum alpha2-macroglobulin beta-lipoprotein and immunoglobulins in the domesticated sheep (Ovis aries).

CC Curtain

Vox Sanguinis | Published : 1971


Abstract. Antisera specific for allotypic markers carried by the serum α2‐macro‐globulin, β‐lipoprotein and IgGl and IgG2 were produced during cross‐immunization experiments with sheep (Ovis aries). Two markers controlled by autosomal co‐dominant genes, Ap1 and Ap2, were found on the α2‐macroglobulin; one marker controlled by an autosomal dominant Lp1 was found on the β‐lipoprotein, two markers controlled by the autosomal codominants, Igl1 and Igl2, were found on the IgGl and one marker, controlled by Ig21 and linked to Igl1, was found on the IgG2. The immunoglobulin markers all occurred on the Fc fragments of the immunoglobulin molecules. There was no linkage between the Ap and Lp loci or b..

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