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Community attitudes to emergency research without prospective informed consent: A survey of the general population

Jeremy Furyk, Richard Franklin, Kerrianne Watt, Theopilus Emeto, Stuart Dalziel, Kris Mcbain-Rigg, Nikola Stepanov, Franz E Babl



OBJECTIVE: To give voice to the general public's views of prospective and retrospective (deferred) consent in the emergency research setting. METHODS: A cross-sectional, stratified population-based, telephone survey was conducted in April to July 2016. A questionnaire consisting of standardised health and demographic details, and seven specifically designed, and pilot-tested questions, five closed and two open text, based on literature review and previous surveys in the field was used. Quantitative and qualitative techniques were used in the data analysis. This was a centrally coordinated national telephone survey in Australia, the 2016 National Social Survey, coordinated by Central Queensla..

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