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Effect of Implant Duration, Anatomical Location and Electrode Orientation on Bandwidth Recorded with a Chronically Implanted Endovascular Stent-Electrode Array.

Nicholas L Opie, Sam E John, Gil S Rind, Stephen M Ronayne, Clive N May, David B Grayden, Thomas J Oxley

Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc | IEEE | Published : 2018


Access to the brain to implant recording electrodes has conventionally required a craniotomy. To mitigate risks of open brain surgery, we previously developed a stent-electrode array that can be delivered to the cortex via cerebral vessels. Following implantation of a stent-electrode array (Stentrode) in a large animal model, we investigated the longevity of highquality signals, by measuring bandwidth in animals implanted for up to six months; no signal degradation was observed. We also investigated whether bandwidth was influenced by implant location with respect to the superior sagittal sinus and branching cortical veins; it was not. Finally, we assessed whether electrode orientation had a..

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