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Cortical Brain Stimulation with Endovascular Electrodes.

G Gerboni, SE John, SM Ronayne, GS Rind, CN May, TJ Oxley, DB Grayden, NL Opie, YT Wong

Annu Int Conf IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc | Published : 2018


Electrical stimulation of neural tissue and recording of neural activity are the bases of emerging prostheses and treatments for spinal cord injury, stroke, sensory deficits, and drug-resistant neurological disorders. Safety and efficacy are key aspects for the clinical acceptance of therapeutic neural stimulators. The cortical vasculature has been shown to be a safe site for implantation of electrodes for chronically recording neural activity, requiring no craniotomy to access high-bandwidth, intracranial EEG. This work presents the first characterization of endovascular cortical stimulation measured using cortical subdural surface recordings. Visual stimulation was used to verify electrode..

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