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Cell-specific protein profiling in Arabidopsis thaliana trichomes: identification of trichome-located proteins involved in sulfur metabolism and detoxification

S Wienkoop, D Zoeller, B Ebert, U Simon-Rosin, J Fisahn, M Glinski, W Weckwerth



Metabolite, protein, and transcript analysis at the cellular level gives unparalleled insight into the complex roles tissues play in the plant system. However, while capillary electrophoresis and PCR amplification strategies make the profiling of metabolites and transcripts in specific cell types possible, the profiling of proteins in small samples represents a bottleneck. Here for the first time protein profiling has been achieved in a specific plant cell type: The application of specific cell sampling and shotgun peptide sequencing (nano LC/MS/MS) resulted in the identification of 63 unique proteins from pooled Arabidopsis trichome cells. A complete S-adenosylmethionine pathway cluster, tw..

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