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Intramedullary cement osteosynthesis (IMCO): A pilot study in sheep

Alireza Mirzasadeghi, Sri Subanesh Narayanan, Min Hwei Ng, Reza Sanaei, Chen Hui Cheng, Mohd Yazid Bajuri, Mohammad Hassan Shukur

Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering | IOS PRESS | Published : 2014


The application of bone substitutes and cements has a long standing history in augmenting fractures as a complement to routine fracture fixation techniques. Nevertheless, such use is almost always in conjunction with definite means of fracture fixation such as intramedullary pins or bone plates. The idea of using biomaterials as the primary fixation bears the possibility of simultaneous fixation and bone enhancement. Intramedullary recruitment of bone cements is suggested in this study to achieve this goal. However, as the method needs primary testings in animal models before human implementation, and since the degree of ambulation is not predictable in animals, this pilot study only evaluat..

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