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Power Allocation for Distributed Detection Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks With Limited Fusion Center Feedback

Xiaoxi Guo, Yuanyuan He, Saman Atapattu, Subhrakanti Dey, Jamie S Evans

IEEE Transactions on Communications | IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC | Published : 2018


We consider a distributed detection system for a wireless sensor network over slow-fading channels. Each sensor only has knowledge of quantized channel state information (CSI) which is received from the fusion center via a limited feedback channel. We then consider transmit power allocation at each sensor in order to maximize a J-divergence based detection metric subject to a total and individual transmit power constraints. Our aim is to jointly design the quantization regions of all sensors CSI and the corresponding power allocations. A locally optimum solution is obtained by applying the generalized Lloyd algorithm (GLA). To overcome the high computational complexity of the GLA, we then pr..

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