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Intracarotid amobarbital disrupts synchronous and nested oscillatory activity ipsilateral to injection.

James J Young, Joshua S Friedman, Thomas J Oxley, Christina Palmese, Fedor Panov, Saadi Ghatan, Johanna T Fifi, Lara V Marcuse

Epilepsy and Behavior Case Reports | Published : 2018


The mechanism of amobarbital action during the intracarotid amobarbital procedure is poorly understood. We report a patient case who underwent IAP while implanted with bilateral stereo-EEG. We analyzed the spectral power, phase amplitude coupling, and cluster-phase group synchrony during the procedure. Delta and gamma power increased bilaterally. By contrast, phase amplitude coupling increased only ipsilateral to the injection. Similarly, 4-30 Hz cluster-phase group synchrony declines and gamma cluster-phase group synchrony increases only ipsilateral to the injection. These results suggest that a possible additional mechanism for amobarbital action in the IAP is by altering the precise timin..

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