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Comparison of five methods for the estimation of methane production from vented in vitro systems

Pablo S Alvarez Hess, Richard J Eckard, Joe L Jacobs, Murray C Hannah, Peter J Moate

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture | Wiley | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND There are several methods for estimating methane production (MP) from feedstuffs in vented in vitro systems. One method (A; ‘gold standard’) measures methane proportions in the incubation bottle's headspace (HS) and in the vented gas collected in gas bags. Four other methods (B, C, D and E) measure methane proportion in a single gas sample from the HS. Method B assumes the same methane proportion in the vented gas as in the HS, method C assumes constant methane to carbon dioxide ratio, method D has been developed based on empirical data, and method E assumes constant individual venting volumes. This study aimed to compare the MP predictions from these methods to that of the gold s..

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