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Co-extruded multilayer films for high capacity optical data storage

CW Christenson, C Ryan, B Valle, A Saini, J Lott, J Johnson, D Schiraldi, C Weder, E Baer, KD Singer, J Shan

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Published : 2012


New approaches for optical data storage (ODS) applications are needed to meet the future requirements of applications in multimedia, archiving, security, and many others. Commercial data storage technologies are moving to threedimensional (3D) materials, but the capacity is limited by the fabrication cost and the number of layers that can be addressed using the reflection-based storage mechanism. We demonstrate here storage systems based on co-extrusion of multilayer (ML) films that can overcome these problems. The organic roll-to-roll films produced can easily be produced hundreds of meters in length, in a far simpler and cheaper manner than current manufacturing methods such as spin coatin..

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