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The Hard Question for Hylomorphism

DANA Goswick

Metaphysics | Canadian Metaphysics Collaborative | Published : 2018


The view that ordinary objects are composites of form and matter (“hylomorphism”) can be contrasted with the more common view that ordinary objects are composed of only material parts (“matter only”). On a matter-only view the hard question is modal: which modal profile does that (statue-shaped) object have? Does it have the modal profile of a statue, a lump, a mere aggregate? On a hylomorphic view the hard question is ontological: which objects exist? Does a statue (matter-m + statue-form), a lump (matter-m + lump-form), and/or a mere aggregate (matter-m + mere aggregate-form) exist? I defend a novel answer to the hard question for hylomorphism. In particular, I argue that which ordinary ob..

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