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An LADM-based Approach for Developing and Implementing a National 3D Cadastre – A Case Study of Malaysia

undefined Rajabifard, undefined AGUNBIADE, M Kalantari, KM Yip, B Atazadeh, undefined Badiee, D ISA, MK ADIMIN, KL CHAN, A AIEN, H OLFAT, D SHOJAEI, MR Anaraki

Land Administration Domain Model Workshop | FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) | Published : 2018


With the growing dominance of multi-storey buildings and other infrastructures, 2D-based cadastral systems are facing new challenges in recording, managing and visualising the spatial extent of vertically stratified cadastral spaces. In Malaysia, surveying and cadastral measurements are currently stored in the National Digital Cadastral Data Base (NDCDB), which is a 2D-based database in the form of planimetric coordinates (X, Y). However, in reality, cadastral objects are three dimensional and 2D-based approaches provide a fragmented view of these 3D spatial objects. Another challenge is that multiple pages of 2D drawings, which are used to show all the spaces of multi-storey buildings and s..

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