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Managed flooding can augment the benefits of natural flooding for native wetland vegetation

Alice Duong, Joe Greet, Christopher J Walsh, Michael J Sammonds



Managed flooding is increasingly being used to maintain and restore the ecological values of floodplain wetlands. However, evidence for its effectiveness is sometimes inconsistent and water available for environmental purposes often limited. We experimentally inundated a floodplain wetland (or “billabong”) in late spring by pumping water from its adjacent creek, aiming to promote the native wetland flora and suppress terrestrial exotics. Vegetation was surveyed before (spring) and after (late summer) the managed flood in the experimental billabong and in three control billabongs. Floodplain water levels were continuously monitored. Wet conditions caused two of the control billabongs to also ..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Linkage program

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank M. Stewart-Howie, the Yellingbo Ranger, without whom the study would not have been possible. Thanks also to the friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater for providing the plants and advice; and E. King, S. Moser, Y. Quek, R. Dabal, and B. Duong for field assistance. This study was supported by funding from Melbourne Water (MW) through the Melbourne Water Research-Practice Partnership; and the Australian Research Council Linkage program (LP150100682) with MW, Parks Victoria, Zoos Victoria, and Greening Australia.