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Electrical stimulation or moisture infusion improves the eating quality attributes of loin and silverside cuts from female and immunocastrated male pigs

HA Channon, DN D'Souza, FR Dunshea



This study validated the effect of gender (female, immunocastrated male; n = 50), electrical stimulation (none or 150 mA constant current for 30 s at 2 min post-slaughter) and ageing period (2 or 14 d) on the eating quality of pork roast and stir fry sourced from the loin (M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum) and silverside (M. biceps femoris) and steak from the loin only. Moisture infusion was applied to 2 d aged, non-stimulated primals as a positive control treatment. Neither gender nor ageing period influenced (P > 0.05) eating quality. Electrical stimulation and moisture infusion were each effective interventions in improving pork eating quality, but their effects were inconsistent betwe..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by High Integrity Australian Pork Co-operative Research Centre

Funding Acknowledgements

The High Integrity Australian Pork Co-operative Research Centre is gratefully acknowledged for providing funds to undertake this study (3A-109). The authors also sincerely thank and acknowledge the producer and processor involved for their co-operation, technical assistance and support. Dr. Cameron Jose from the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia is acknowledged for his assistance with carcase and meat quality measures. The biometrical support and advice provided by Richard Jarrett and Jessica Jolley for analysis of the sensory data and the co-ordination of the consumer sensory study by Anna Crumb from the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Waite, South Australia is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.