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Early pathogenesis in chicks of infection with a trypsin-sensitive avian reovirus.

RC Jones, A Al-Afaleq, CE Savage, MR Islam

Avian Pathology | Published : 1994


Experiments are described which show how the sensitivity to trypsin of avian reovirus strain TR1 restricts its replication in the intestine of the chicken in comparison with a trypsin-resistant strain R2. Following oral infection with a high dose (5.3 log10 TCID50), the trypsin-sensitive virus generally showed lower titres than the resistant one in all tissues examined. Infection of chicks with strain TR1 via the respiratory route enabled the virus to spread throughout the body and localize in the hock joint, an important target site for reoviruses. Trypsin-sensitive reoviruses might be transmitted via the respiratory route, even though TR1 caused little damage to the respiratory epithelium...

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