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Consumer Choice as a Pathway to Food Diversity: A Case Study of Açaí Berry Product Labelling

H Johnson, Christine Parker, R Maguire

Food Diversity Between Rights, Duties and Autonomies: Legal Perspectives for a Scientific, Cultural and Social Debate on the Right to Food and Agroecology | Springer International Publishing | Published : 2018


Forest lands and the rich social and ecological diversity contained within are being lost as demand for agriculture land expands globally. During this process traditional cultivation practices are marginalised resulting in a loss of dietary diversity. As Vira et al. observe 'Despite the huge potential of forest and tree foods to contribute to diets, knowledge on many forest foods, especially wild foods, is rapidly being lost because of social change and modernisation' . Forest loss coupled with the associ­ated declines in dietary diversity and traditional knowledge are a threat to the human right to food. This right requires diverse food production systems that are sustain­able, support live..

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