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Field test results on permeable pavements comprising tyre derived aggregates

P Hemachandra, M Miri Disfani, A Mohammadinia, L Aye

Engineers Australia | Published : 2018


Industrialization and development have increased the stresses imposed on the natural environment. Two main issues addressed within this work as part of an integrated solution are management of waste tyres and improved storm water management. Findings depict that approximately 5% of end-of-life tyre (EoLT’s) in Australia are recycled or re-used and the rest are subject to unsustainable disposal [1]. Tyre rubber being non bio-degradable results in fire hazards emitting toxic gases and providing breeding habitats to disease carrying pests [2]. With population in Australia predicted to rise by 60% by 2050 [3], the need for impervious areas is imminent. This will result in increased burden on exi..

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