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Cisplatin hypersensitivity of testicular germ cell tumors is determined by high constitutive Noxa levels mediated by Oct-4.

Matthias Gutekunst, Thomas Mueller, Andrea Weilbacher, Michael A Dengler, Jens Bedke, Stephan Kruck, Moshe Oren, Walter E Aulitzky, Heiko van der Kuip

Cancer Research | Published : 2013


Testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) are considered a paradigm of chemosensitive tumors. Embryonal carcinoma cells represent the pluripotent entity of TGCTs and are characterized by expression of Oct-4, a key regulator of pluripotency and a determinant of their inherent hypersensitivity to cisplatin. However, the mechanisms underlying this Oct-4-mediated sensitivity are poorly understood. We previously showed that p53 is a major player in cisplatin hypersensitivity and therefore investigated whether Oct-4 may directly affect p53 activity. Despite a significant decrease in sensitivity, depletion of Oct-4 neither did alter cisplatin-induced transactivation of p53 target genes nor its subcellular..

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