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Quantifying extinction risk and forecasting the number of impending Australian bird and mammal extinctions

HM Geyle, JCZ Woinarski, GB Baker, CR Dickman, G Dutson, DO Fisher, H Ford, M Holdsworth, ME Jones, A Kutt, S Legge, I Leiper, R Loyn, BP Murphy, P Menkhorst, AE Reside, EG Ritchie, FE Roberts, R Tingley, ST Garnett

Pacific Conservation Biology | Published : 2018


A critical step towards reducing the incidence of extinction is to identify and rank the species at highest risk, while implementing protective measures to reduce the risk of extinction to such species. Existing global processes provide a graded categorisation of extinction risk. Here we seek to extend and complement those processes to focus more narrowly on the likelihood of extinction of the most imperilled Australian birds and mammals. We considered an extension of existing IUCN and NatureServe criteria, and used expert elicitation to rank the extinction risk to the most imperilled species, assuming current management. On the basis of these assessments, and using two additional approaches..

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