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Copy number variations of chromosome 16p13.1 region associated with schizophrenia.

A Ingason, D Rujescu, S Cichon, E Sigurdsson, T Sigmundsson, OPH Pietiläinen, JE Buizer-Voskamp, E Strengman, C Francks, P Muglia, A Gylfason, O Gustafsson, PI Olason, S Steinberg, T Hansen, KD Jakobsen, HB Rasmussen, I Giegling, H-J Möller, A Hartmann Show all

Mol Psychiatry | Published : 2011


Deletions and reciprocal duplications of the chromosome 16p13.1 region have recently been reported in several cases of autism and mental retardation (MR). As genomic copy number variants found in these two disorders may also associate with schizophrenia, we examined 4345 schizophrenia patients and 35,079 controls from 8 European populations for duplications and deletions at the 16p13.1 locus, using microarray data. We found a threefold excess of duplications and deletions in schizophrenia cases compared with controls, with duplications present in 0.30% of cases versus 0.09% of controls (P=0.007) and deletions in 0.12 % of cases and 0.04% of controls (P>0.05). The region can be divided into t..

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