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Expanding the range of ZNF804A variants conferring risk of psychosis.

S Steinberg, O Mors, AD Børglum, O Gustafsson, T Werge, PB Mortensen, OA Andreassen, E Sigurdsson, TE Thorgeirsson, Y Böttcher, P Olason, RA Ophoff, S Cichon, IH Gudjonsdottir, OPH Pietiläinen, M Nyegaard, A Tuulio-Henriksson, A Ingason, T Hansen, L Athanasiu Show all

Molecular Psychiatry | Published : 2011


A trio of genome-wide association studies recently reported sequence variants at three loci to be significantly associated with schizophrenia. No sequence polymorphism had been unequivocally (P<5 × 10(-8)) associated with schizophrenia earlier. However, one variant, rs1344706[T], had come very close. This polymorphism, located in an intron of ZNF804A, was reported to associate with schizophrenia with a P-value of 1.6 × 10(-7), and with psychosis (schizophrenia plus bipolar disorder) with a P-value of 1.0 × 10(-8). In this study, using 5164 schizophrenia cases and 20,709 controls, we replicated the association with schizophrenia (odds ratio OR = 1.08, P = 0.0029) and, by adding bipolar disord..

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