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A systematic review of cognitive function in first-episode psychosis, including a discussion on childhood trauma, stress, and inflammation.

Monica Aas, Paola Dazzan, Valeria Mondelli, Ingrid Melle, Robin M Murray, Carmine M Pariante

Frontiers in Psychiatry | Published : 2014


OBJECTIVE: To carry out a systematic review of the literature addressing cognitive functions in first-episode psychosis (FEP), divided into domains. Although this is not a full "cognitive-genetics-in-schizophrenia review," we will also include putative ideas of mechanism(s) behind these impairments, focusing on how early stress, and genetic vulnerability may moderate cognitive function in psychosis. METHOD: Relevant studies were identified via computer literature searches for research published up to and including January 2013, only case-control studies were included for the neurocognitive meta-analysis. RESULTS: Patients with FEP present global cognitive impairment compared to healthy contr..

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