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The radiological diagnosis of analgesic nephropathy.

FG Adams, RM Murray

Clinical Radiology | Published : 1975


A study was made of the radiological findings in 57 patients with a clinical diagnosis of analgesic nephropathy. The ages of the patients ranged from 27 to 72 years, and females predominated over males in the ratio 4-7 to 1. Renal failure varied from mild to very severe and the patients showed the usual high incidence of analgesic-induced gastro-intestinal, haematological and neurological disorders. In 82% of cases, kidneys were of normal size, but there was radiological evidence of reduced renal function in 85%. Thus, a small kidney with good renal function was unlikely to be due to analgesic nephropathy. Medullar necrosis was observed in 65%, and papillary atrophy and papillary necrosis ea..

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