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No association between the c2 allele at the cytochrome P450IIE1 gene and alcohol induced liver disease, alcohol Korsakoff's syndrome or alcohol dependence syndrome.

DM Ball, D Sherman, R Gibb, JF Powell, A Hillman, T Peters, R Murray, I Smith

Drug and Alcohol Dependence | Published : 1995


Cytochrome P450IIE1 metabolises, and is induced by ethanol. The 5' regulatory sequence of the gene is polymorphic; that identified by the c2 allele has been shown by transfection studies to confer an increased rate of transcription. A recent report indicating an association between this allele and alcohol induced cirrhosis suggests that it may contribute to the genetic vulnerability to this disease. We have examined this polymorphism in patients of western European origin with alcohol induced cirrhosis, alcohol Korsakoff's syndrome and alcohol dependence syndrome. We were unable to detect any association between this allele and any of these diseases.

University of Melbourne Researchers