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A magnetic resonance imaging study of corpus callosum size in familial schizophrenic subjects, their relatives, and normal controls.

SE Chua, T Sharma, N Takei, RM Murray, PW Woodruff

Schizophr Res | Published : 2000


The corpus callosum is one of several brain regions thought to be abnormal in schizophrenia. We sought to investigate whether the size of the corpus callosum would be abnormally small in schizophrenic subjects from families with familial schizophrenia and their healthy relatives. We wished to determine whether an abnormal corpus callosum size is found in healthy relatives who are genetically at a greater risk than normal of developing or transmitting the disorder. Twenty-seven familial schizophrenics, 53 of their healthy first-degree relatives, and 35 normal volunteers underwent MRI brain scans. We defined 11 of the relatives as presumed 'obligate carriers', i.e. an individual who appears to..

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