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A linkage study of schizophrenia to markers within Xp11 near the MAOB gene.

J Dann, LE DeLisi, M Devoto, S Laval, DJ Nancarrow, G Shields, A Smith, J Loftus, P Peterson, A Vita, M Comazzi, G Invernizzi, DF Levinson, D Wildenauer, BJ Mowry, D Collier, J Powell, RR Crowe, NC Andreasen, JM Silverman Show all

Psychiatry Res | Published : 1997


A sex chromosome locus for psychosis has been considered on the basis of some sex differences in genetic risk and expression of illness, and an association with X-chromosome anomalies. Previous molecular genetic studies produced weak evidence for linkage of schizophrenia to the proximal short arm of the X-chromosome, while some other regions were not ruled out. Here we report an attempt to expand the Xp findings in: (i) a multicenter collaboration focusing on 92 families with a maternal pattern of inheritance (Study I), and (ii) an independent sample of 34 families unselected for parental mode of transmission (Study II). In the multicenter study, a parametric analysis resulted in positive lo..

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