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Trail making test performance in the first degree relatives of schizophrenic and affective psychotic patients

CM Gilvarry, A Russell, D Hemsley, RM Murray

Cognitive Neuropsychiatry | Published : 2000


Numerous studies have found deficits in executive functioning in schizophrenic patients, but it is not clear whether these deficits are shared by patients with affective psychoses, or by the relatives of either group of psychotic patients. Seventy-two first degree relatives of schizophrenic patients (RSs) and 54 first degree relatives of affective psychotic patients (RAPs) completed the Trail Making Test, Parts A and B. There were no significant differences between relative groups in the unadjusted analyses. However, controlling for the potential confounding effects of age at interview, ethnicity, social class, sex, and IQ, there was a significant difference between groups of relatives on Tr..

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