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De ontwikkelingsneurologische theorie van schizofrenie: bewijsmateriaal betreffende structuur en neuropsychologic.

SE Chua, RM Murray

Acta Neuropsychiatrica | Published : 1996


Severe schizophrenics as a group show subtle abnormalities of cerebral structure. Cerebral ventricular enlargement is the best replicated finding, and this tends to be associated with impairment of neuropsychological performance. The idea that these abnormalities have a neurodevelopmental origin gains indirect support from the, admittedly less consistent, evidence of abnormalities of cerebral asymmetry and of neuronal migration in adult schizophrenics, as well as from the behavioural, psychomotor, and cognitive impairments reported in preschizophrenic children. However, the relationship between childhood and adult neuropsychological and brain structural findings has not been proven, and we d..

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