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Factors affecting the urinary excretion of endogenously formed dimethyltryptamine in normal human subjects.

MC Oon, RM Murray, R Rodnight, MP Murphy, JL Birley

Psychopharmacology (Berl) | Published : 1977


The hallucinogenic substance N',N'-dimethyltryptamine and its precursor N-methyltryptamine were found in 24-h specimens of urine from 19 normal human subjects; the mean excretion rates were 386 ng 24 h(-1) and 856 ng 24 h(-1) respectively. The urinary excretion of both compounds was unrelated to age, sex, urinary volume, or creatinine, nor was any consistent diurnal pattern observed. Rates for the mono and dimethylated compounds were not correlated. Diet and the intestinal flora were excluded as a source of urinary dimethyltryptamine. Administration to 4 subjects of sufficient ammonium chloride to increase the H ion concentration of the urine caused a transient increase in dimethyltryptamine..

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