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Family history of autoimmune diseases in psychosis.

CM Gilvarry, PC Sham, PB Jones, M Cannon, P Wright, SW Lewis, P Bebbington, BK Toone, RM Murray

Schizophr Res | Published : 1996


The mothers of 101 psychotic patients and 116 normal controls were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire designed to determine the presence or absence of autoimmune disorders in first degree relatives of the probands. Thyrotoxicosis and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus were significantly more common in the relatives of the psychotic patients than in the control relatives; in particular thyrotoxicosis was more frequent in the mothers of patients (11%) than the mothers of controls (2.6%). None of the examined characteristics of the patients, including RDC-diagnosis, family history of psychosis, age at onset of psychosis and winter birth, was predictive of thyrotoxicosis and insu..

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