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Antipsychotic medication, D2 dopamine receptor blockade and clinical response: a 123I IBZM SPET (single photon emission tomography) study.

LS Pilowsky, DC Costa, PJ Ell, RM Murray, NP Verhoeff, RW Kerwin

Psychol Med | Published : 1993


The hypothesis that poor response to antipsychotic medication is due to inadequate occupancy of central D2 receptors was tested in vivo. We assessed striatal D2 dopamine receptor availability for binding with the specific ligand 123I IBZM by single photon emission tomography (SPET) in two groups of DSM-III-R diagnosed schizophrenic patients on typical antipsychotic medication, and a group of healthy controls (N = 20). Patients were characterized by clinical ratings as antipsychotic responders (N = 10) or non-responders (N = 8). Dynamic single slice SPET, at a slice chosen to include the basal ganglia, began immediately following intravenous injection of 185 MBq 123I IBZM. Semiquantitative an..

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