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Obstetric complications and familial morbid risk of psychiatric disorders.

M Marcelis, J van Os, P Sham, P Jones, C Gilvarry, M Cannon, K McKenzie, R Murray

Am J Med Genet | Published : 1998


Obstetric complications (OCs) have been found to occur in higher frequency in patients with schizophrenia. One explanation for this finding is that the genes that contribute to the schizophrenia phenotype also influence the likelihood to experience OCs. If this were true, morbid risk of psychiatric illness should be higher in the first-degree relatives of both schizophrenic and control probands exposed to OCs, compared to probands not exposed to OCs. We set out to test this hypothesis. Information on OCs, blind to family history of psychiatric disorder, was collected retrospectively through maternal interview in 151 psychotic patients and 100 controls. Family history (FH) in relatives of cas..

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