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Rhodopsin-family receptors associate with small G proteins to activate phospholipase D

R Mitchell, D McCulloch, E Lutz, M Johnson, C MacKenzie, M Fennell, G Fink, W Zhou, SC Sealfon



G-protein-coupled receptors of the rhodopsin family transduce many important neural and endocrine signals. These receptors activate heterotrimeric G proteins and in many cases also cause activation of phospholipase D, an enzyme that can be controlled by the small G proteins ARF and RhoA. Here we show that the activation of phospholipase D that is induced by many, but not all, Ca2+-mobilizing G-protein-coupled receptors is sensitive to inhibitors of ARF and of RhoA. Receptors of this type were co-immunoprecipitated with ARF or RhoA on exposure to agonists, and the effects of GTP analogues on ligand binding to the receptor changed to a profile that is characteristic of small G proteins. These ..

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