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Speech as a reliable marker of alertness and performance impairment under conditions of acute sleep deprivation

S Ftouni, AP Vogel, WR McMahon, SW Lockley, S Rajaratnam, C Anderson

Sleep | Oxford University Press | Published : 2017


The acoustic properties of speech are a reliable marker of changes in the central nervous system. Measures of speech timing and frequency have been used to assess impairment in clinical patient groups, including stroke, Huntington’s disease, and depression. Associations between speech properties and impaired performance have also been described in healthy individuals under periods of sleep deprivation. In the current study, we aimed to compare the time course of speech outcomes to other objective measures of alertness during 40 hours of sleep deprivation. Methods Twenty-three healthy volunteers (18 males; mean age=25.41 ± 5.73 years) underwent 40 hours of acute sleep deprivation under consta..

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