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Effect of Wood Welding Process on Chemical Constituents of Australian Eucalyptus

B Belleville, G Koumba-Yoya, T Stevanovic

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2018


Thermochemical changes occurring during wood welding were investigated in Eucalyptus saligna and Eucalyptus pilularis. Unwelded reference wood and material from welded interface were compared via Py-GC/MS, TGA, XPS, and ATR-FTIR to explain differences in mechanical properties of welded wood between species. It appeared that the species originally containing more condensed substructures also provided stronger joints. The condensation index after welding allowed validating that the adhesive properties of lignin are more accessible in such species. The presence of more carbonyl functions, attributed to carbohydrate solicitation during welding process, potentially made lignin less accessible. Ch..

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