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Redox-state dependent spectroscopic properties of porous organic polymers containing furan, thiophene, and selenophene

C Hua, S Woo, A Rawal, F Tuna, JM Hook, D Collison, DM D'Alessandro

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 2017


A series of electroactive triarylamine porous organic polymers (POPs) with furan, thiophene, and selenophene (POP-O, POP-S, and POP-Se) linkers have been synthesised and their electronic and spectroscopic properties investigated as a function of redox state. Solid state NMR provided insight into the structural features of the POPs, while in situ solid state Vis-NIR and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroelectrochemistry showed that the distinct redox states in POP-S could be reversibly accessed. The development of redox-active porous organic polymers with heterocyclic linkers affords their potential application as stimuli responsive materials in gas storage, catalysis, and as electrochro..

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