Book Chapter

Nel Noddings on care theory and caring practice

J Quay, N Noddings

Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2018


Nel Noddings is renowned internationally for her work in care theory, with good reason. Care theory embraces what Noddings describes as “a fundamental human need”: “to care for and be cared for” (1992, p. xi). Hence caring is not a mere detail which is read onto human persons but rather is a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Noddings explains that, “The only universals recognized by care theorists are those describing the human condition: the commonalities of birth, death, physical and emotional needs, and the longing to be cared for” (1995, p. 188). Noddings’ claim also highlights the nub of her philosophical contribution: that caring is relational. Thus “‘carer’ and ‘cared-for’ ar..

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