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Predicted body weight during mechanical ventilation: using arm demispan to aid clinical assessment.

Adam M Deane, David A Reid, Antony E Tobin

Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine | Published : 2008


INTRODUCTION: Recent research suggests an association between the development of acute lung injury (ALI) and mechanical ventilation with tidal volumes > 6mL per kg of predicted body weight (BW). Specific subgroups (women and obese patients) may be at risk of unintentional delivery of excessive tidal volumes. We conducted a prospective audit of delivered tidal volumes (mL/kg) calculated using recorded BW and compared these to volumes calculated using predicted BW. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING: Patients requiring controlled mechanical ventilation admitted to a mixed intensive care unit in October 2006 were eligible. Exclusion criteria were ALI on admission or no recorded BW (defined as a weight me..

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