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Single-Cell Approach to Influenza Specific CD8( ) T Cell Receptor Repertoires Across Different Age Groups, Tissues, and Following Influenza Virus Infection

Sneha Sant, Ludiyine Grzelak, Zhongfang Wang, Angela Pizzollal, Manbs Koutsakos, Jane Crowe, Thomas Loudoyaris, Stuart I Mannering, Glen P Westall, Linda M Wakiml, Jamie Rossjohn, Stephanie Gras, Michael Richards, Jianqing Xu, Paul G Thomas, Liyen Loh, Thi H Nguyen, Katherine Kedzierska



CD8+ T cells recognizing antigenic peptides derived from conserved internal viral proteins confer broad protection against distinct influenza viruses. As memory CD8+ T cells change throughout the human lifetime and across tissue compartments, we investigated how T cell receptor (TCR) composition and diversity relate to memory CD8+ T cells across anatomical sites and immunological phases of human life. We used ex vivo peptide-HLA tetramer magnetic enrichment, single-cell multiplex RT-PCR for both the TCR-alpha (TCRα) and TCR-beta (TCRβ) chains, and new TCRdist and grouping of lymphocyte interactions by paratope hotspots (GLIPH) algorithms to compare TCRs directed against the most prominent hu..

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Awarded by JDRF Career Development Award

Awarded by NHMRC project grant

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank ImmunoID facility for PACS sorting. We thank Jeremy Chase Crawford for assistance with TCRdist algorithm. The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Program Grant (1071916) to KK supported this work. SS is a recipient of Victoria India Doctoral Scholarship and Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship, University of Melbourne. MK is a recipient of Melbourne International Research Scholarship and Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship. KK is an NHMRC Senior Research Level B Fellow. JR is supported by ARC Laureate fellowship. SG is a Monash Senior Research Fellow. SIM is supported by a JDRF Career Development Award (5-CDA-2014-210-A-N) and NHMRC project grant (GNT1123586).