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Evidence of linkage to chromosome 5p13.2-q11.1 in a large inbred family with genetic generalized epilepsy

Demet Kinay, Karen L Oliver, Erdem Tuzun, John A Damiano, Canan Ulusoy, Eva Andermann, Michael S Hildebrand, Melanie Bahlo, Samuel F Berkovic

EPILEPSIA | WILEY | Published : 2018


The clinical genetics of genetic generalized epilepsy suggests complex inheritance; large pedigrees, with multiple affected individuals, are rare exceptions. We studied a large consanguineous family from Turkey where extensive electroclinical phenotyping revealed a familial phenotype most closely resembling juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. For a subject to be considered affected (n = 14), a diagnostic electroencephalogram was required. Seizure onset ranged between 6 and 19 years (mean = 12 years). Thirteen of 14 experienced myoclonic jerks; in 11, this was associated with eyelid blinking, and in 10 it was interspersed with absences. Generalized tonic-clonic seizures were seen in 11. One individu..

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