Conference Proceedings

Aperture modelling for the flow-based determination of fracture-matrix ensemble saturation functions for naturally fractured reservoirs

SK Matthai, M Sedaghat, H Agheshlui

3rd EAGE Workshop on Naturally Fractured Reservoirs | Published : 2018


DFN (fracture-only) and DFM (fracture and rock matrix) modelling is a rapidly growing field. While more and more geometrically realistic models get published, fracture aperture is often treated as single-valued or as setby- set constant parameter. However, this is incompatible with field observations indicating variable apertures, lognormal or multimodal aperture distributions, and-or partial sealed fractures in naturally fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs. This presentation explores how realistic aperture variations across multiple sets of intersecting fractures can be modelled taking into account geometry (orientation, length versus frequency distributions, abutting relationships), mechanica..

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