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Interdisciplinary design teams translating ethnographic field data into design models: Communicating ambiguous concepts using quality goals

J Paay, S Pedell, L Sterling, F Vetere, S Howard

Innovative Methods, User-Friendly Tools, Coding, and Design Approaches in People-Oriented Programming | Published : 2018


Translating ethnographic field data to engineering requirements and design models suitable for implementing socio-technical systems is problematic. Ethnographic field data is often “messy” and unstructured, while requirements models are organized and systematic. Cooperation and communication within an interdisciplinary design team makes the process even more complicated. A shared understanding between ethnographers, interaction designers, and software engineers is vital to ensure that complex and subtle social interactions present in the data are considered in the final system design. One solution for supporting team conversations uses the quality goal construct as a container for complex an..

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