Book Chapter

Entitativity perceptions of individuals and groups: Across cultures

S Tsukamoto, Y Kashima, N Haslam, E Holland, M Karasawa

The Psychological and Cultural Foundations of East Asian Cognition: Contradiction, Change, and Holism | Published : 2018


Cross-cultural differences in social perceptions pose an intriguing puzzle. East Asians, in contrast to Westerners, tend to have the view that individuals lack coherent and thematically consistent characteristics and, therefore, are likely to exhibit cross-situationally inconsistent actions and reactions. This tendency is explained in terms of naïve dialecticism. However, from a different domain of perception, East Asians perceive groups as possessing more coherent and thematically consistent characteristics than ascribed by Westerners. Does this apparent contradiction mean that, unlike individual selves, groups are not dialectically construed by East Asians? One way to reconcile these findi..

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