Journal article

An evaluation of pipe traps for the capture of small arboreal mammals

Lee Harrison, Kylie Soanes, Rodney van der Ree



Optimal wildlife survey techniques should maximise detectability or capture rates of target species and minimise potential harm to animals. We compared the effectiveness of Elliott and PVC pipe traps for the capture of small arboreal mammals in the Victorian Central Highlands and found that pipe traps were less effective at capturing small arboreal mammals than Elliott traps.


Funding Acknowledgements

In memory of, and with thanks to, Joanne Ainley. The Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology was supported by the Baker Foundation. We thank Dan Harley (Zoos Victoria), Lachie McBurney and David Lindenmayer (Australian National University) for advice on trapping protocols and location of possum colonies. Joanne Ainley undertook field work and provided logistical support during pilot studies. Tom Hodgson, Renee Mead and numerous other volunteers provided field assistance to locate colonies. Will Sowersby and Simone Harvey assisted with trapping. This work was supported by the DELWP strategic firebreak project. All work was completed in accordance with Scientific licence no. 10004763 and University of Melbourne Animal Ethics Committee Approval no. 0810924.3.